Say whatever … Kejriwal will divide anti-Congress vote in 2014 elections

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    Kejriwal Stinks

    I have always been predicting that in this drama being enacted by Anna and Kejriwal against the Congress, it would be the BJP that would fall between the stools.

    It has been amply clear from the very beginning that both Anna and Kejriwal are born anti-Congress and that they would never ever be fair to that Party… so any strategist in the Congress Party would have factored the damage potential of Kejriwal supporters (who are anyway restricted to Facebook and troll sites like this!)

    Now the cat is out of the bag and the Sangh Parivar Chaddi wallahs are running for cover what with already their bodies being painted with slush and grime through their non-stop looting in States like Karnataka, Gujarat and Kejriwal !

    Is it not surprising that the most acrimonious trollers on this site are nowhere to be seen these days!

    Therein lies the secret… the Sanghis are confused and desperate of this johnny-come-lately charlatan Kejriwal! One look at the face of Vijay Goel when he was standing next to Kejriwal in the power bill protest said it all!

    But the absolute tragedy is that of NaMo, the mass-murderer…So enamored was he by the press coverage of his nonsensical theatrics (Sonia spent Rs 1800 Cr and such bulls**t) that he would be wondering what is happening to the television and print media…His abuses are no more headlines..He has been pathetically reduced to that of a regional leader and his abuses are now confined to fifth pages in newspapers…Serves him well…

    So where does that leave Kejriwal?

    All I can say is that, in the end, Kejriwal may end up as a storm in a tea-cup not even in a puddle, let alone in a sea or ocean…

    To understand why and how, you need to look at the pathetic political fortunes of one fellow politician – Vijaykanth in Tamil Nadu – yes that Rajni-look-alike star-turned politician…

    His reasons were the same when he came into politics … there is a middle constituency which does not like BJP and Congress … same constituency exists in Tamil Nadu also – there are enough people who don’t like both DMK and AIADMK and he strongly believed that he will tap that vote…

    What happened to him is instructional!

    In the beginning, he attacked both DMK and AIADMK and stood alone in elections… all he did was to break the anti-DMK votes and all his candidates lost deposit…so what did he do next? He decided DMK (after 2G scam) was a bigger evil and has to be defeated… In the meanwhile he faced a near-revolt in his party with cadres saying that they are not in the party to only fight elections and not win seats – so he went and had an electoral tie-up with Jaya… he won a handful of seats – and then as usual Jaya started treating him like a doormat for she had her maths right – she used him to consolidate the anti-DMK votes…

    Now Vijaykanth is in dire straits – he has to stand alone or align with DMK, he same party that he had been always abusing… latest heard is that he is in secret parleys with DMK for the 2014 elections… and DMK will use him and throw him… finally he will be reduced to a non-entity like his other fellow traveler in Tamil Nadu – Ramados, who is now reduced to a non-entity in TN politics!

    Moral of the story is simple – as in Tamil Nadu, in India too, eventually the political firmament is going to be organised around two poles – BJP and Congress…any of the interlopers like Kejriwal will fall by the wayside…

    India is too big a country and no one person can determine her future and progress…only those who show ideological flexibility and ability to negotiate and live together can survive..unfortunately, Kejriwal seems to be more theatrics and non-sense than anything else…and he has already antagonized both Congress and BJP…

    He does not have a chance in hell to survive politically…he can create all the noise and drama…he can get the internet rabble-rousers (like many here) to shout and heckle..nothing more, nothing less…

    Because, when I go to vote (which I proudly do always), I think this way – who is more likely to do good things for the place I live in (my constituency)? Who is more likely to protect my lifestyle and dignity? who is more likely to win?

    Essentially perceived win-ability plays a very big role in the voters mind while deciding to vote…in that count, Kejriwal will be no match for either BJP or Congress…

    So let this man have his day under the sun…let us all enjoy this great entertainment he offers…

    But when it comes to the crux, we will vote either for BJP or for Congress… that’s it… we don’t have any other choice!

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