What Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has to offer to the existing politics of India – A Reply To All

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There have been numerous debates in Social Media and elsewhere on what exactly Aam Aadmi Party has to offer to Indians which other political parties have not. I have successfully replied and convinced most; however with time it has become clear that it is better to jot everything down to have one spot to clear any doubts.

Some people think that Aam Aadmi Party is just another political party, or it exists just for the sake of opposing the current establishment. A friend said that #AAP exists as a negation to an existing negative. Partially true. Partially false. Here, I would describe in detail why AAP is very very significant to India.

I would NOT be talking about a strong Lokpal, Right to Reject and Right to Recall here, as it is obvious by now.

Aam Aadmi Party Leaders

Party Funds and Donations – Completely Transparent

Let us accept first thing first. Political parties are funded heavily by certain corporates and wealthy who want the political parties to work just for them when they come to power. Also, political parties lift money from not so clean places, which they have to return later (usually with heavy interest). The seed money for most political parties is black and after a party comes to power, it has no choice but to do as their investors order it to.

This leads to a huge conflict of interest and huge pressure on political parties to make money – by hook or crook. The party in power is left with no choice but to indulge in corrupt practices to make this money. This trickles down to government offices as well.

Election funding is the major cause of corruption in India.

However Aam Aadmi Party is going to escape this in a very simple way. It will NOT accept black money. And it will NOT take money from corporate honchos. All the donations above 50,000 will have to come with a PAN card. And all the donations details will necessarily be posted online. A businessman wanted to make a donation in crores to AAP, but didn’t want his name to be published online. AAP has declined his offer.

Although this means lesser fund gets raised, this also certainly means the AAP would not have corrupt investors to answer to when it comes to power.

You can click here to donate online right now and your name will be published within 10 minutes. Even if you donate Re 1. Try it.

Once you donate you can see your name on the donation list on AAP’s website.

Candidate Selection (instead unaccounted ticket distribution)

Ask any Indian on what is the first criteria of any person to be successful in conventional political parties and you would get the answer – Power. It is quite understood that goons and power players rise in politics. It just doesn’t matter what their qualification is or what good have they (not) done for the society. Just because he is a local goon and no one dares oppose him, he ends up winning elections. Of course there are few IITians in politics – like Manohar Parrikar or Jairam Ramesh, but they are more of an exception than a norm.

Also, tickets are given depending upon the loyalty or closeness to higher leadership. No one cares about the voice of the people that candidate is going to represent. This not only leads to resentment, it also creates a disconnect between the people and the MLAs. The MLA/MP, because he got the ticket due to top management, stays loyal to high command, rather than to the people he is representing. This is not done in a democracy. We need leaders, no sycophants.

The way AAP is going to give tickets is truly unique in India. Anyone can apply for the ticket, provided he has written support from 100 people from the area. This is double checked as well! Then shortlisting is done in a phased manner. This process is ensuring that not only clean people get the tickets, they also are popular in the local constituency. It is a WIN WIN as there is no room left for resentment.

Against VIP culture in Politics

The concept of “Very Important Person” or “Very Very Important Person” is coming from the ages of Kings, when there were Kinds, Queens, Princesses etc. Roads are blocked, jams are created for the sake of a few. The Red Beacons on the Car, etc creates a divide between the people and their representatives. Of course there are few exceptions like Manohar Parrikar who travel economy, but again not a norm.

All the AAP candidates will have to undertake an oath that they would not live a VIP life after becoming MP/MLA. No red beacons, no huge bunglows, no extra security, no nothing extra. They would continue to live as a common man of India. People who are connected to ground would be loved by others so security risk would be lesser.

No Government Schemes

Government schemes are the biggest money suckers. As per Rajiv Gandhi himself, 85% of money in government schemes are siphoned off. Apart from losing money, there are other issues. India is a huge country with dialect changing every 50 KMs. Having a pan-India scheme is the easiest way for you to waste money. Something applicable for Nashik won’t even apply in Mumbai, forget Chennai!

Instead of these schemes, AAP would be sending the money directly to the RWAs or Gram Sabhas. Now this is where decentralization comes into picture. The local body, compromising of ALL the citizens of the area will now take the decision on how to spend this money. Quite like how modern societies function, and how they spend money collected through maintenance charges.

So the Gram Sabha in Rajasthan will decide to use the money to dig a well, whereas a Gram Sabha near Kosi river in Bihar might decide to build dams to stop floods. Most of these problems will not be even known to the IAS over there, or the Secretary sitting in Delhi, not that it is their fault.

Also, with citizens using the money of their own taxes, and everyone involved in the process of decison making, the chances of corruption would hit zero. Even if 1000 members of Gram Sabha decide to just distribute that money, it would be same as citizens taking their taxes back. Of course if something wrong happens in that place tomorrow, they would not be able to point to the system, as they themselves are the system now.

Trust Aam Indian to decide their own destinies

This is actually in the continuation of the last topic. We need a system which trusts and empowers the common man. If we love India, it means we love Indians. That means we have to let the common man of India run the country. With now ‘You’ deciding ‘Your’ future, you would be cautious and won’t be corrupt. This mechanism is important.

A point to make here. Only the local decisions will be allowed to the local people. There would be many policies which only state and center would be making. Defense and Foreign policies included.

The Sections of Cynics and Doubtfuls

There are certain lies and propaganda being spread about AAP, so I would clear them one by one.


The allegations against Mayank Gandhi has anyways been cleared by the Internal Lokpal, so I would not go in them, unless you doubt the integrity of an Admiral. You can read the final report here. If you still find someone accusing Mayank of corruption, request him to file an FIR.

Kashmir Issue:

The policy of Aam Aadmi Party is exactly what most of the common men of India think – Kashmir IS the Integral part of India. Listen AAP leader Arvind say here explicitly:


Aam Aadmi Party stands against the Naxalism. Let us not forget that by definition Naxalism is violent. Here is the link to the press release against Naxal attack.

AAP is against Hinduism:

Just this collage of pictures is enough to destroy this allegation:

AAP Secularism

Read: “Understand the difference between secularism and ‘sickularism’ the AAP way” by Ishaan Mohan Bagga

AAP is Ultra Left:

1. AAP seeks solutions, and is not a slave of any ideology:

2. Do read the Arvind’s address at Wharton here.

3. Plus, Meena Sanyal, Ex Country head of RBS recently extended her support to AAP.

Foreign Funding of AAP (actually IAC):

1. Kejriwal & NGO received foreign funding from Ford Foundation in 2005 and 2008, not any more, much before when the JLP movement started. From where is he in the wrong now? Read source

2. No foreign funding IAC. Watch:

3. Delhi HC issues clean chit to Team Anna on funding issues.

Anna doesn’t support Aam Aadmi Party:

Please see this and judge yourself:

Jindal funded IAC:

Yes, Jindal did fund IAC. But not the Jindal from steel industry. Check this clarification from Mayank Gandhi:


However, the opponents of AAP would stoop down to any level to make a baseless allegation! In case they show the handshake of Arvind Kejriwal and Jindal (in a CNN-IBN award function, in which pic even Rathod, the Olympics silver medalist is present), please ask them about this picture:



  • Aggressive Aam Aadmi

    Thanks for spreading the message Indian Exponent!

  • Gaurav

    convincing enough !

  • Preeti Goel

    Really Good…Now I will be able to convince people…Generally ppl are convinced…but not able to believe that this can happen…It is still a dream for them

  • Hindswaraz

    Faduu Article !!

  • Hindswaraz

    Thanks for sharing justified information on many stands of AAP. It saved most of time while giving answers to many of my friends by simply sharing your articles. Jai Ho !!

  • irregularexpression

    I find AAP to be way too utopian. Corruption exists in all governments, no exceptions. I find AAP to be socialistic, just like the Congress. Indian democracy is not mature enough to give away the reigns of power directly in the hands of the people, most of whom are illiterate and may not be able to think beyond their next meal. They have the power to vote.. and what do they vote for? Chicken Biryani? A bottle of booze? A bag of rice? Caste? Religion?

    If “popular” voice was respected, and playing to the gallery was in order, we would have never gotten rid of social evils like Child Marriage, Sati, Untouchability — these were done away with, through strong legislation. Sometimes, tough decisions that go contrary to popular opinion have to be made in order to FORCE the society to evolve. Does Arvind have the spine for tough decisions at the expense of his popularity?

    What is AAP’s view on Uniform Civil Code.. Will they come out of their ‘Secular’ shield and support UCC? That means no 3-4 wives, no Talaq Talaq Talaq, Sharia type nonsense in a civilized country. What about massive conversion by foreign funded Christian missionary organizations masquerading as NGOs which are trying to halt the progress of the country and perverting the demography? Kejriwal sided with these NGOs to obstruct the installation of a power plant, and on the other hand promises cheap electricity to please voters! This is hypocrisy.

    Evils in the Hindu society are openly debated, heavily criticized, and plenty of efforts are made to negate them. What about Muslim and Christian societies? Will Arvind dare to criticize them and risk losing popular support of Minorities and being branded anti-minority? What about regressive institutions like Khap Panchayats which reinforce prehistoric mindsets? He wants more power to Panchayats?

    What about socialist (parasitic) policies like NREGA, FSB which harm more than help the country? You think introducing one more law like Lokpal will get rid of corruption? I support right to reject and am skeptical about the right to recall since it has the potential to destabilize democracy. A government servant needs the security of a fixed term to do his/her job well. If people start recalling elected representatives on a whim, I cannot even begin to imagine the political instability that ensures. As if we don’t have enough of it already?

    What are AAP’s views on national security? Will they deal with terrorists and naxals with an iron hand, especially now that he has shaken hands with Binayak Sen? How will he deal with Kashmir, especially when Prashant Bhushan has gone on record in support of a referrendum? Will he repeal AFSPA? Will he strenghten the intelligence bureau or weaken it?

    AAP is anti-establishment, which reeks of Naxalite tendencies. They want to overthrow the existing system and install a new system which they think is perfect, WHICH MAY NOT BE! I don’t want to get out of the frying pan and into the fire! India does not need more laws to deal with corruption.. We have enough laws, our Supreme Court and CAG are strong institutions. What is bleeding this nation is small ticket corruption, which cannot be dealt with the passing of a law. The need of the hour is to streamline the public distribution system, not harp on big ticket corruption. We need an autonomous CBI, not necessarily a Lokpal, which will be more than sufficient to deal with big ticket corruption.

    What about the definition of corruption? It is way too rigid. Arvind thinks, allotting cheap land to corporates to attract investment in the state is corruption! According to him, land must be sold to corporates at market rates. That is NAIVE! That is not how economy works. In the real world, not everything is black and white.

    We need REFORMS — Judicial reforms, Police reforms, Election reforms. Arvind wants to throw the baby out with the bath water.. To treat the symtoms (corruption) rather than the disease (inefficiencies).

    There is a very interesting private member’s bill introduced by Rajiv Pratap Rudy of the BJP which seeks to decouple the legislature from the excutive. That, in my opinion, will get rid of criminalization of politics. It can be dealt with by disincentivizing the membership of parliament for criminals. No MP/MLA should be part of the executive. The elected PM/CM will select his own team as a cabinet — a team of experts outside the legislature. Legislature will not have any executive powers. This will ensure that only legal experts who have a deep interest in the process of law making will enter the Parliament.

    It is development, infra, education and economic progress which will wean people away from corruption. Not more laws. More laws = More abuse.

    • Rain Cloud

      Valid points. Point taken. Please be informed that there are more than 30 committees headed by experts the best in the country who are looking into all the questions raised by you. If you have suggestions then I am sure AAP will be more than happy to welcome them. We all must be a participant in this change. Jai Hind.

      • Vinod Kumar

        i mailed a list of question to AAP few months back and not a reply received it shows the hollowness of ur claim

        • TrueHindu

          Why don’t you show the answers you got from BJP and Congress to the same questions?

          You are highly opinionated, and that is your right, but that doesn’t make you right. I have emailed Arvind Kejriwal several times, and I have received a response every single time, except one (where AK was in bcc, email was to Pankaj Gupta and Yogendra Yadav). FYI, I emailed anonymously with a vague email ID, as I was and still am very skeptic.

          Of course, It’s always apparent whether one is interested in answers or is just interested in arguments from the nature and language of the content. I am not from AAP, but if you had used the same language and tone that is apparent from your comments here, You should be the last person to expect any answer from AAP.

          Try once again, and show through your language and tone that you are seriously interested and concerned for India (not necessarily AAP) and you will receive an answer, guaranteed.

          • Vinod Kumar

            First of all this article was not about BJP or Congress. Even i have mailed him several times but no response, and this brings us to conclusion that AAP only answer to the questions they feel like answer its up to you what you make out of it. well i took my share of time of understand that what kajriwal exactly is, the way he changed stances and even ditched Anna, shows that he was with ramdev first and Aana latter for power. In order to look like serious alternative to BJP or Congress he will have what kind of people he have with him. Good luck to him.

    • Vinod Kumar

      i mailed the list of all these questions to kejriwal and gang and never received a reply it shows they they only talk. they have people like prashant bhushan opening making anti India comments. Calling Batla fake was another one of those tantrums to whoo minority.

  • Media Radar

    Nice article. Thank you.

  • MJ

    Agreed to everything else. Good write up overall. However, questioning the pic of handshake between NaMo and PM is not justified. I understand that you are just putting an analogy that even the two opposite parties are shaking hands, questioning it totally destroys your previous argument.

  • Jonny Zhamat

    Great Article, Great Site..At-least you guys are writing true news..

  • Vinod Kumar

    Ha ha funny government schems are source of sucking money and i am advising dili wala to not pay bills, i letting down security forces by having suspicion on batla , i sympathize with simi . I only comment on gujrat riots all other riots are secular. my colleague bhushan is beaten up by nationalists due to his anti national comments, i am influenced by a NAC member who is creatting government schemes to suck up money, i don’t wan’t another crapy party in india to hell will aap . will vote for modi instead, and i am not a bhakt as u ofthen call modi supporter i have mind and can understand good and bad and i know u people are the new thugs in the market so sorry

  • zhakas

    Cool, now i have an artilcle to let my friends know the truth of AAP (in a positive sense). Way to go!!

  • Media Radar

    Lot of wordplay to cover up severe interal contradiction. AAP manifesto is every bit as populist as Congress – aka protection to slums, 700l water free, cheap electricity etc etc.

    AAP came as a fresh breath into politics but it’s continued hit-and-run approach even after winning stupendous number of seats and offer of support to form government make me wonder it’s seriousness.

    I just hope this is not an anarchist movement like the Brotherhood in Egypt, we all know whats happening in that country for the past 3 years.

  • Alok Kumar Nayak

    Guys.. Do u wanna be a Victim of this Sub-Human Treatment !!! AAP sud ask for DCP’s resignation NOW !!!