Electing Modi as PM won’t bring the much needed systemic changes that Aam Aadmi seeks

Akshay Marathe
I am deeply passionate about India’s politics. It is my dream to transform my country, India, from one of the world’s most corrupt, poor & divided societies into a society that would symbolize transparency & equality in all spheres.

In the concluding part on the Modi myth, we would like to make some points why Modi is not THE Solution for India. We believe that AAP is a much better solution for the country. Some of the major values that we believe in:

Electoral System: All sensible people understand that Electoral system is the source of bad governance and corruption. Every candidate necessarily has to spend crores of black money for getting elected. For that, they need to gather illegal funds. These funds have to collected by compulsorily indulging in corruption and hands-in-glove relationship with all arms of the government like bureaucracy, judiciary, media and other groups with vested interests like contractors, industrialists and hoarders, etc. So, it is virtually impossible to be completely honest and survive in politics with the present electoral system. To gather votes, criminals are nurtured and caste and religion based politics is indulged in. This electoral system needs to change.

Have you seen Modi talk or behave differently? Doesn’t he put forward candidates based on caste and religion? Don’t BJP candidates in Gujarat spend black money in large quantities? Did Modi not use thugs and criminals during the elections? Hasn’t a known goon called Vitthal Radadiya taken in the party recently. So, how can we expect anything even slightly different from him?



Decentralization: Today, once someone gets elected, he forgets his voters and takes all guidance and orders from his party and its high command. Fortunately, BJP has lesser high command culture than Congress. We believe that a bottom-up process is much better in a country of the size of 121 crore people. Gandhiji used to talk about giving power to the people, which we believe in. Decisions should be taken at the lowest level. Decisions about village should be taken at gram sabha level, about local urban levels at mohalla level, about talukas at their level etc. This is our concept of Swaraj or decentralized governance. Modi and 5 of his senior ministers have centralized all power with themselves. Most of the decisions go right up. Can we think of a Gandhi-like decentralized people oriented democracy under Modi?

LokpalA strong anti-corruption law is necessary at the National and state level to apprehend and punish corrupt people called Lokpal with provisions that would deter corrupt practices. Gujarat was forced to appoint a Lokayukta by the SC. And the Gujarat Lokayukta is a complete farce, with all controls vested with the government. Can we expect Modi to make strong anti-corruption laws if he becomes PM? Absolutely no chance.

Humility, decency: We believe that some of the qualities of a leader should be decisiveness coupled with humility, decency and good human values. Gujarat spends 550 crores a year on branding Modi with 3 change of clothes-a-day and different poses. An arrogance, vengefulness and running-away-from-uncomfortable debates has characterised his behaviour. While he might be decisive, so was Indira Gandhi. And, we know what a disaster that was for the nation.

Status Quo: Status quo in which 40 crore Indians sleep hungry is not acceptable. We need a “total revolution” with systemic changes with judicial, governance, administrative and political reforms. Modi is more-of-the-same. Gujarat is growing, though slower than before. The same systems, the same opaqueness, the same arrogance of the ruler is what is indicated. My case is that if we want the same system, the same governance model that has messed up this nation, then one can choose between Congress and BJP and Modi could be your choice.

I want the India of my dreams. I do not wish to choose the lesser evil. I do not want evil, ruling me.


  • J P Sundharam

    If I say I was a wee bit disappointed – take it as an understatement.

    • How AAP would make a credible difference needs to be spelt out even if it were presented as bullet points.

    •• Pointing to the personality cult of Modi is just repeating the some of what was shared in earlier two parts.

    •• People say that an institution is only as good as its leader. Which is why TN Sheshan made a difference to Nirvachan Sadan (Election Commission) in a way that no previous incumbent could do. Hence creating an omnibus Lokpal is as likely to create a monster even as it attempts to cure a terrible disease. To state what I have stated ad nauseam – who is going to guard us from the guardian?

    • Vijay Bohara

      . There are multiple ways AAP is going to make difference few like candidate selection process, strong anti -corruption law, political decentralization and donation transparency along with right to reject and right to recall. Details are available on AAP website.

      . Modi can be better than Congress. Let suppose no arguments on Modi but do you believe that BJP is a good political alternative in true sense. Are indian citizens are ready to elect corrupt, goons and criminals on the name of Modi. Real problem is BJP is not different from congress in doing bad for country. Modi has even supported Gadakari when is corruption came out.

      . This is not only about Lokpal institution but several points under Janlokpal bill,set CBI free from Govt. Few points are like as per Govt Lokpal bill corrupt person will get lawyer from Govt, First evidence will shown to him , if any corrupt case is not proved then person filed case will get penalty. It means no whistleblower protection. Many more such points.

      • Keshav Iyengar

        Corruption is a valid point, but what else does AAP put on the table? In a word, nothing. There is no clarity as to what the party stands for on a host of substantial issues.

      • J P Sundharam

        To tell the truth, I don’t expect much either of the two major parties.

        While my support is for AAP but a lot of it depends on how AAP uses opportunities coming its way. Today AAP is trying to stuff too many things on its plate. Expecting little to be eaten and even less to be digested.

        There is a lot of raw anger that AAP has harnessed but its strategy appears uncertain and unclear. It comes across like the angry young man in the form of Amitabh Bacchan or even Rajnikath.

        AAP leadership should realize that life is not a movie that will be over with a few sweeps of the broom and completed in 3-4 years. The people who are supporting it are also the ones committing the crimes of corruption. None of us, including yours truly is free from having aided, abetted and committed some form of corruption at sometime or the other. We can never be as long as we want freebies and subsidies from our mai-baaps.

  • SG

    Kejriwal / AAP is a dream …. they need to prove that they could be a reality …maybe by taking up Delhi first and showing results. Modi is the best real chance we have at improving things … My take is Delhi for AAP, India for Modi for these elections.

  • Chetan Dodiya

    What about national security??? Issue of Kashmiri Pandits?? PAK-CHINA threat??? What about illegal migrants from Bangladesh?? What about Kashmir issue?? Aksai Chin issue??? Depreciation of money?? Employement?? Terrorim???

    AAP is not yet capable to handle this issue.. Prashan Bhushan wanted to give away kashmir.. you forgot that???

    It is not only about the corruption but many other issues too!!!
    WInning election only in Delhi will not make prosperous country…

    Accept the truth!! they are not yet capable for nation, might be for 1 state but not complete India..